This is
Max Aerts

Dreaming is one thing, making them come true is what one should do.
"Think in solutions"

This is Max Aerts

Max Aerts, Born and raised in Gerwen a village in the shade of Eindhoven, the Netherlands. He studied one year of biomedical science at the KU (Catholic University) in Leuven, Belgium and finished his Bachelor Industrial Design Engineering Cum Laude at Eindhoven University of Technology. During his bachelor years Max founded his first company Findur, which developed a new shopping platform to facilitate the service gap between online and offline shopping. The platform operates currently successfully with more than 2000 shops in the Netherlands. Besides his study he also participated in the Honors program of the University in which he was part of an Energy related project. During this project they developed a 20cm scale model car that was able to drive on formic acid thanks to a newly discovered catalyst from the University. After the project Max’s and his colleagues decided to push the project forward in the student team Team FAST. Currently team FAST, 35 students strong, is developing a 12M city bus that will drive on formic. Max and his team now have the ambition to lift this project to the next level, into a startup.